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Famous Trotters

Famous Fells recorded in the Stud Book include:


A brown mare, bred by John Wearmouth of Brough in 1887, Trip won in hand show classes and also won trotting races at Middleton in Teesdale, Stanhope, Brough and Warcop. Races at Warcop Show were reported in the local newspaper in 1890 and 1893.

Little Jean

The Charlton family bred this dark brown 12.1 mare, who trotted a mile in 3 minutes carrying a 10 stone rider. She was heavily made, and very active. R B Charlton describes how he was on a driving tour with 2 passengers in Teesdale, with the little mare in the shafts. An old gipsy overtook them with a flat cart, driving a broken-down old horse that was nevertheless "getting over the ground at a good speed". When the old gipsy was about 300 yards ahead, Mr Charlton's father said, "Go on, Jennie, and let the old fellow see what real trotting looks like." She "went on at such speed that the flat cart was pulled aside and the horse stopped, the tinker staring, with his mouth open." He caught up with them later in the evening in Middleton and tried to buy the mare for £20 in gold sovereigns, but it was refused, although it was a great compliment to her. Two days later the Charlton family and Little Jean arrived at Brough Fair, and in spite of his disappointment - maybe hoping he could still clinch the deal - the old gipsy and all the friends he could gather were waiting there to see her. (ref)

Famous grey trotting pony in her stable

Strawberry Girl

The Dargues' ponies bred at Bow Hall, Dufton, in the 1880s were lighter built than the average Fell and very fast - many were grey.

Strawberry Girl, a 13.2 grey, was perhaps more of a Wilson pony rather than a traditional Fell. Owned by Mr John Wilson of Liverpool, she won first prize at the 1881 Farnworth Show and Altricham Show both under saddle and in harness; she won ridden trotting races and handicaps including the North Lancashire Handicap for £140, the Borough Stakes at Blackpool on 17 July 1882 for £60 (what's that worth today?); she won other show classes in harness & under saddle.

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