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Fells and their uses, their abilities, their history and their modern day breeders and enthusiasts

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If you find a broken link please let us know. There are so many here that it is difficult to ensure they all remain current. The Fell Pony Society web site. First place to look for breed standards, breeders in Britain, Europe and America, Fell pony Sales list, merchandise including Stud Books, show results and assorted contact addresses. British Horse Society .

National Pony Society (British).

Rare Breeds Survival Trust (British) The Watch List of Equines gives the official status of the Fell pony breed.. - International Museum of the Horse, at the Kentucky Horse Park (USA): Fell Pony page.

The American Livestock Conservancy

Tullie House Museum, Carlisle, Cumbria, UK; website shows reconstructed version of Hadrian's wall; actual museum has much data on Northern Cumbrian history.

The Native Pony - magazine devoted to British Native Ponies. - Museum of Lakeland Life and Industry, Kendal, Cumbria UK Lake Land Arts - Social History - Kendal Museum, Kendal, Cumbria UK

Organisations and groups from which you can obtain direct information:

Fell Pony Society. The office of the Fell Pony Society of Great Britain. Secretary: Mrs Katherine Wilkinson, Bank House, Boroughgate, Appleby, Cumbria CA16 6XF, UK.

Tel/Fax: 0 17683 53100. E-mail:
To phone a UK number from overseas, replace the leading 0 with +44.

Videos and Podcasts about Fell Ponies

Fell Pony Adventures Short videos of hill breeders of Fells; ponies being used for long distance walks, holiday adventures; podcast interviews with hill breeders, Fell Pony Society members, pony owners, writers and historians.

Also see the Thanks page for the many resources from which this site was built.

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