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John Gate describes The Tumbling Tommy haysweep
A pack pony and 19th century Bell collar
Gregorian chant
Middle English poetry


Alas, the animations were all Flash-based, made back in 2000, and are no longer supported. One day I'll replace them... but don't hold your breath.

In the meantime there is a video on YouTube of the action of the Tumbling Tommy hay sweep (.avi)

Video clips

All the archived videos are on the Action Clips page with several formats available for each clip. Please excuse the pixelated quality of these - they were digitised off video tape in 2000. I'll add other material some time... possibly even older!

Teaching the foal to lead
Yearling trotting in field
Brown Fell ponies walking to the show ring
Fell ponies in harness (trotting) [1] [2] [3] [4]
Grey stallion ridden (trot)
Black stallion being trotted out in hand
Black stallion ridden (gallop)

Audio and Video by Tom Lloyd

"Endangered Species" - films about Fell pony breeders

"Hefted" - a film about sheep farming

Fell Pony podcasts


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